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Resilience means having the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and to show toughness. This definition has been the cornerstone of Justine’s extraordinary journey over the last decade, a journey no one could fathom, but in Justine’s words, this journey has changed her for the better. Justine uses her learned experiences of overcoming adversities to help others gain their own resilience.

2011, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, underwent three heart surgeries, and then had three primary cancers at once. She was told she would never work again by a medical professional. But that was never an option for her.

Justine catapulted herself into the world of business. She not only changed her life to give it purpose and direction but also inspired those around her with her story.

After learning how to paint and use her art as therapy, she has become a multi-award-winning artist and found the strength and determination to take control of her financial future.

She now owns and runs seven businesses JUZT art, Resilience Mindset, Van–Go Decals, Morpheus Publishing, Team Fingerprint, Geelong Residential Cleaners and Justine Martin Speaker all being under the umbrella of Justine Martin Corporation. In 2021/24, Justine was nominated for 47 national business awards and won 15 in various categories, such as Coach of the Year, Creative Artist of the Year, International Speaker/ Coach Judges Award and Geelong Business Leader of the Year 2023.

Justine is an award-winning Resilience Coach/Consultant and Speaker, multi-award winning Professional Artist, Teacher, Amazon best-selling Author, Publisher, Mentor, Affiliate, Volunteer, Cancer Survivor, MS Worrier, DV Survivor, Disabled, Mum of two, Grandmother of seven and the Queen of Resilience. 

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“It was incredibly valuable hearing Justine’s story and she was such a good public speaker. The humour in her presentation helped hearing a lot of sad life events and how she’s navigated through.”

Sally K. Attendee at MS Australia Event

“Justine is an engaging, informative and clear public speaker. At no point did I lose interest in, or lose track of where we were in her presentation – excellent public  speaker.”

Andrew N, Attendee at NDIS Talk

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Learn more about Justine and her unique story through her books!



 Published Children's Book 'Finding Hope'


 2024 Momentum Empowering Woman Of The Year Award


 Beam Awards 2024 Finalist

  • Business Leader of the Year

  • Creative of the Year 

  • Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion

  • Influential Person of the Year

  • Woman of the Year

• Women Changing the World Awards 2024 Finalist

Disability Leadership Award


• 2024 Australian Small Business Champion Awards

Social Enterprise


• 2023 GBEA Leader of the Year -Geelong Business Excellence Awards

• #1 in Kindle and #1 in Amazon Books as Best Seller - Whispers of Resilience: Our stories of Multiple Sclerosis (MS)


•  Co-Author and Publisher

Whispers of Resilience: Our stories of Multiple Sclerosis (MS)


•  2023 Ausmumpreneur Awards

  • GOLD - Disabled Business Excellence

  • BRONZE - One to Watch Award

  • SILVER - Overcoming the Odds Award

  • SILVER - Podcast Award

• 2023 Australian Small Business Champion Awards

Resilience Mindset Social Enterprise Finalist 

• 2023 Women Changing the World Awards Finalist 

  • Disability Leadership Awards

  • Entrepreneur of the Year

  • Thought Leader of the Year

  • Woman in Business

• Published first children's book ‘Same Same But Different ‘


2022 International coach/speaker of the year

Judges choice award 

• 2022 ROAR Awards

  • Finalist in Roar business of the year
  • Fearless educator

  • Woman of the year

  • Leadership

• 2022 Ausmumprenuer Awards Australia 

  • Bronze Disabled business excellence.


• PODCAST host Resilience Mindset Season 1


• Author Victim to victory


• Author ROAR finding the strength within


• Author Courage & Confidence


• Geelong Residential Cleaners and Garden Care Launched


• Art Director JUZT art Gallery 

2022 - Present

• Morpheus Publishing 



• Author Release the shackles 


• Geelong Art Show Inc.

Vice President 


• Volunteer of the Year Awards 2021 Finalist


• Team Finger Print Launched 


2021 Roar Success Awards​

  • Australian Creative Artist of the Year 

2021 Ausmumprenuer Awards Vic/Tas

  • GOLD Coach Of The Year

  • SILVER Disabled Business Excellence

  • SILVER Creative Entrepreneur

  • BRONZE Business Pivot

  • BRONZE Overcoming The Odds

Solo Exhibition at the Cafe Zoo


• Art Director JUZT art Gallery


• Nominated for 4 Roar Success awards

  • Creative Artist Of the Year

• Nominated for 11 Mumpreneur Awards

  • Business Excellence Award

  • Regional Business Award 

  • Disabled Business Excellence Award

  • The One to Watch Award 

  • Women will change the world Award

  • Overcoming the Odds Award

  • Service Business Award

  • Health & Wellbeing Business Award

  • Creative Entrepreneur Award

  • Making a Difference Award (Business) 

  • Most popular business making a difference as determined by people’s choice voting.

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