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Power. Passion. Purpose.


Her story is unique, courageous and it will challenge

your belief of what strength and determination is?

Diagnosed with MS 11 years ago, underwent three heart surgeries and then battled three primary cancers - medical specialists told Justine she would never work again. But she would not accept that! Justine catapulted herself into the world of business. She not only changed her life to give it purpose & direction, but inspired those around her with her story of determination facing her adversities head-on.


  • The 10 Tips to Building Resilience

  • How to Build Resilience When Faced With Adversities

  • Building a Resilient Workplace, Starts With the Individual

  • Fatigue Management - Navigate the Minefield

  • From Victim to Victory; the Empowered Mind

Justine Martin Resilience and Adversity Specialist Keynote Speaker Reel


Business In Heels Soriee

MS Talk Barwon Club


Medical and Mental Health

A Keynote Speaker at medical & mental health events, Justine has been an ongoing MS Ambassador for six years, and regular speaker at Cancer Fundraising Events.

Having experienced more than her fair share of debilitating medical diseases, Justine’s story, her determination, passion and resilience has been the survival guide and inspiration for so many.


  • How to Build Resilience when Faced with Adversities

  • How to Push through Chronic Disease

  • Fatigue Management - Post Diagnosis

  • From Victim to Victory

  • Cancer Sucks, What Now?

  • Turn a Tragic Diagnosis into a Better Life than Before - I DID!

Justine Martin Medical and Mental Health Speaker Reel

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Les Watson
Business Builders Group

“Captivating”  “The audience were spellbound”


Justine spoke to my group of business leaders and immediately after her 40 minute session, an attendee said they could have listened for another 40 minutes, it was that good.


Book this lady now before she gets to be too famous.

I couldn’t recommend Justine Martin highly enough."

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Martin Jellinek
General Manager Learning Services, Skyline Education Foundation Australia

"Justine is such an inspiring presence. Her story comes across raw, unrehearsed and is told entirely from the heart. She does not preach a certain way of living one’s life, she simply walks the audience through the various roadblocks that she has faced and describes the mindset that she adopted to overcome them, not just to survive, but to thrive. 

She delivers with such warmth and humility that one finds themselves drawn into the story and hoping for her not to finish speaking."

deb fribbins.jpg

Deb Fribbins

Developing Excellence in Business

"I love Justine's honesty and clarity in her speaking. She always speaks from the heart with knowledge and passion."


Kathy Sharman .jpg

Kathy Sharman

"I was so unbelievably inspired by listening to Justine's life story. I knew her as a child and even then remember how driven she was but I had not seen her in about 15 years, so hearing her many battles I was baffled. Justine spoke with such raw honesty that the world needs more of and in-between tears and laughter listening to her was such an eye opener. 

Justine speaks beautifully & hearing her story really helped to put things in my own life into perspective. What a wonderful way to spend an evening, thanks so much for your strength.."

National Disability Insurance Agency

“The Justine was an engaging informative and clear public speaker. At no point did I lose interest or lose track of where we were in her presentation. Excellent public speaker.”

Narelle Carla Whitham

"Fantastic speaker, easy to understand. happy and light hearted. Highly recommended for any public speaking.

Appreciated Justine travelling interstate to speak about MS at an Art Relief workshop in 2019.

Thankyou again."

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