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Resilience Mindset Podcast

Season 1

JUSTY - POCAST PANEL 1080 X 1080 F.jpg

S1 E1 Queen Of Resilience 

The Queen OF Resilience Justine Martin takes you through her journey of overcoming many adversities in life of having undergone three heart surgeries, three primary cancers at once all while coping with Multiple Sclerosis and building three successful business after being told she would never work again.

Resilience Mindset podcast is a weekly podcast series hosted by the Queen Of Resilience, Justine Martin. Justine interviews guests on; stories of overcoming adversity, building inner strength and how do you get back up when kicked down so hard? 

The interviews are raw, honest and open! 

Listen to Season 1 and Season 2 Podcasts now, all the links are below! 
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Interview Justine on Your Podcast
As the Queen of Resilience, Justine appears on Podcasts all round the world as a guest. If you would like to interview Justine on your Podcast, please contact us at


Podcast Guest Opportunity
If you have a story and would like to find out more about being on the Resilience Mindset Podcast, email a short BIO and contact details to 


Bree-Arne Manley Tile Podcast .png

S1 E3
Bree-Arne Manley

Cassie Shaddock.png

S1 E4
Cassie Shaddock

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S1 E7
Annette Densham

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S1 E10
Pamela Millican

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S1 E11
Jody Lee Eular

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S1 E12
Karen McDermott

Chrissy Quinn).png

S1 E14
Chrissy Quinn

Ainsley Hooper.png

S1 E16
Ainslee Hooper

Natalee Johnston.png

S1 E19
Natalee Johnston

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S1 E20
Andrew Jobling

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S1 E21
Sandy Johnston

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S1 E23
Tony Mc Manus

Mafae Yunon-Belasco.jfif

S1 E25
Mafae Yunon-Belasco

Season 2

Resilience mindset with Derrick McManus

S2 E1
Derrick McManus

Resilience Mindset with Aldwyn Atluney.jfif

S2 E2
Aldwyn Atluney

Resilience Mindset with Christine Innes

S2 E4
Christine Innes

Resilience Mindset with Zakariah Martin - Taylor.jfif

S2 E5
Zakariah Martin - Taylor

Resilience Mindset with Alison Wheeler.jfif

S2 E6
Alison Wheeler

Resilience Mindset with Ahuva Hershhop.jfif

S2 E7
Ahuva Hershhop

Resilience Mindset with Coach Reed Maltbie.jpg

S2 E9
Coach Reed Maltbie


S2 E10
Kellina Powell

Resilience Mindset with Jennifer Trevorrow (Jen T).jpeg

S2 E11
Jennifer Trevorrow (Jen T)

Resilience Mindset with Johnathan Royal.jpeg

S2 E12
Johnathan Royal

Resilience Mindset with Lianne Torres.jpeg

S2 E13
Lianne Torres

Resilience Mindset with Brian Anderson Needham and Jamie Anderson.jpeg

S2 E14
Brian Anderson Needham and Jamie Anderson

Resilience Mindset with Irina Castellano.jpeg

S2 E15
Irina Castellano

Resilience Mindset with Corbie Mitleid.jpeg

S2 E16 
Corbie Mitleid

Resilience Mindset with Annie Gibbins.jpeg

S2 E17
Annie Gibbins

Resilience Mindset with Lavina Iris Quilliam.jpeg

S2 E18
Lavina Iris Quilliam

Resilience Mindset with John Maher 'Carmens Legacy'.jpeg

S2 E19
John Maher


S2 E20
Bill Nikolouzakis

EP 21.jpeg

S2 E21
Carol Mae Whittick

EP 22.jpeg

S2 E22
Lyn Delmastro-Thomson

ep 24.jpg

S2 E24
Trang Cess Nguyen

EP 25.jpeg

S2 E25
Michelle Hall

EP 27.jpeg

S2 E27
Emma Bradford

EP 28.jpeg

S2 E28
Dr Debi Silber

MS unMaSked Podcast: Our journey and beyond


Hosted by Resilience Queen ‘Justine Martin’ from Resilience Mindset and Food & Wellness Expert ‘Allyson Brown’ from Everheal.


Join us weekly on this empowering journey as we dive deep into the lives of Justine and Allyson living with multiple sclerosis. The dynamic duo speak candidly about daily encounters, stories of resilience, drawing strength and determination - as they ‘unmask’ the true essence of thriving with MS. 


Through insightful discussions, realistic advice and practical strategies, "MS Unmasked:

Our Journey & Beyond", will explore how these warriors navigate the challenges, prioritise self-care and embrace a fulfilling life. 


Whether you're living with MS, supporting a loved one or simply seeking inspiration, "MS Unmasked: Our Journey & Beyond" is your weekly inspiration-guide on embracing a life of empowerment, wellness, and unwavering resilience. 


Get ready to be uplifted, educated, and inspired as we redefine what it means to thrive with MS.


S1 E4
When your not fine

ep 5.png

S1 E5