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About the Project

CALLING all those who have faced and overcome significant challenges and to those who know someone whose story deserves to be told. This is FOR YOU.

We invite you to share your journey of resilience and be part of this inspiring movement. By participating, you will join a community of courageous individuals whose stories will inspire and empower readers everywhere.


  • Participation Option: $150. Includes submission of 1,000-word story and a 100-word bio published.

  • Premium Option: $400. Includes two 1:1 sessions Head Writing Coach Justine, submission of 1,000-word story & 100-word BIO and access to weekly sessions in the Morpheus Publishing Writing Group for one month.

Your story will be featured exclusively in Never the Same: Untold Stories of Resilience book.

Justine will guide you throughout the writing process, ensuring your story is told with authenticity and impact. This is a unique opportunity to share your experience and become part of a supportive network of resilient individuals.

If you have a story of resilience or know someone who does, we invite you to fill out the form below. Join us in inspiring others and making a difference.

Complete the form here

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